Chef Rawaa


Rawaa is from Kufa, Iraq, and came to the United States in 2010 with her husband and children. She has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Kufa, and started cooking after finding that cooking was “like a chemistry equation.” Rawaa loves to cook and be creative, saying that it helps her manage and be happy. “Every time I cook, the smells remind me of my mom and her kitchen. In the morning, when I put the tea on the stove, sometimes I just sit there and smell it.”

Rawaa has fond memories of all the women in her family gathering together the day before the Eid holiday to make kleicha - shortbread cookies filled with dates, but Rawaa’s favorite dish to make is biryani, an elaborate dish of basmati rice seasoned with a variety of spices and mixed with vegetables, vermicelli and toasted nuts.

Rawaa says that Iraqi food is healthy and made with the freshest ingredients, and is excited to share its unique flavors and introduce her culture to New Haven.

Rawaa’s Most Popular Items:


Lahm bil Ajeem: Flatbread topped with minced lamb. $7.00

Salata Lahana: A cabbage and herb salad with a honey-lemon vinaigrette. (Vegan, Gluten Free).

Salata Zabadi: Cucumber, mint and yogurt salad. (Vegan, Gluten Free).

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Biryani – Saffron spiced basmati rice with chicken, vermicelli, vegetables, golden raisins & toasted almonds. $8.00

Temen Bagilah – Seven spiced basmati rice with lima beans and dill. (Vegan, GF) $7.00

Tepsi Baytenjan - Roasted eggplant, potato, pepper and tomato casserole. (Vegan, GF) $8.00

Fasuliya – White bean and tomato stew. Served with rice or pita. (GF, Vegan) $7.00

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