We believe that sharing a meal and personal stories is a delicious opportunity for cultural exchange


Sanctuary Kitchen, a program of CitySeed in partnership with a network of community volunteers, was formed in 2017 to promote and celebrate the culinary traditions, cultures, and stories of refugees resettled in Connecticut. We believe that refugees and immigrants arrive here with the potential to contribute their own unique skills and passions to the diverse and changing face of the Greater New Haven Area. By going beyond the headlines and creating opportunities for meaningful encounters through food, Sanctuary Kitchen aims to create income generating opportunities for refugees, improve cultural understanding, mutual appreciation, and build a stronger sense of community.





Chefs will have the opportunity to lead events, include teaching cooking classes and preparing food for community dinners and special events.  With the help of interpreters, chefs have a chance to share their culture and talents with guests to help build connections and increase understanding in our community.

If you are interested in applying for the program for the 2019-2020 term, please fill out the application below. Applications can be submitted through August 1, 2019.

For questions, or if you’d prefer to have a phone interview with the help of an interpreter, please email: SanctuaryKitchen@cityseed.org, with Subject: “New Chefs Application”


Food BUSINESS Accelerator: Now Accepting Applications!

The Food Business Accelerator by CitySeed and Collab is a statewide accelerator for Connecticut early stage food entrepreneurs, and is open to Sanctuary Kitchen chefs who want to start a food business. The program will for 10 weeks from November to February.

The aim of the Food Business Accelerator is to remove barriers to food entrepreneurship across the state of Connecticut through training, network-building, and access to resources. We work to create economic opportunity for all, increase leadership by people-of-color and immigrant food entrepreneurs, and strengthen our local food system by linking rising food entrepreneurs and farmers. We are seeking food entrepreneurs who have recently launched or are working toward launching a food business (such as a food truck, catering company, or food product line).

To Apply: Applications are due on October 15, and are available in Arabic and Spanish.

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We host cooking demonstrations, hands-on cooking classes, and supper club meals, all led by resettled refugees and immigrants from around the world, including Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Colombia, Mexico and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Refugees and immigrants arrive here with the potential to contribute their own unique skills and passions to the diverse and changing face of the Greater New Haven Area. Sanctuary Kitchen seeks to highlight these skills in economically viable culinary pursuits that provide personal income potential, while promoting their culinary traditions, cultures, and stories to improve understanding and appreciation throughout our community.

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Sanctuary Kitchen is a program of CitySeed, and made possible through our volunteer Leadership Team.

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